sebastian vael

Sebastian Vael

Series: Dragon Age 2
Variant: Normal

Debuted: Otakon 2013
Last Update: August 2013
Last Worn: MD Renaissance Festival 2014 Season



Construction Notes

Pairing Sebastian with Anders really pushed my understanding of armor and leather techniques. The top half of the scalemail coat was made from the same garment leather as Anders’ sleeves and replacement undercoat. The hood lining was made from two white rabbit pelts. The scalemail was sewn to thin veg-tan leather by hand-turning the sewing machine to ensure the needle didn’t hit the scales when sewing.

Initially, the breastplate and greaves were being made with cardboard covered in bondo but I didn’t like the speed and finish. The greaves remained in bondo through the first few wears due to the lack of smooth seams possible with foam at the time. The rest of the armor was then made out of craft foam sheets, sealed with mod podge and plasti-dip, and painted.

The glove and gauntlet were made from various weights of veg-tan leather and the armor pieces were made with craft foam covered in thin styrene.

The belt buckle was originally sculpted by Glitz in sculpy but proved too heavy to reliably attach to the blank buckle. I remade it in foam at the last minute.

The wig was a lace-front Matilda from Arda Wigs. It had a widows peak and sideburns ventilated into the lace before it was trimmed. It was far too long and got a good trim before it could be worn.

After debut, the greaves and armor bracer were remade using craft foam and worbla.