Ferdinand von Aegir

Ferdinand von Aegir

Series: Fire Emblem Three Houses
Variant: Timeskip

Debuted: Maryland Renaissance Festival 2019
Last Update: November 2019
Last Worn: AnimeUSA 2019

Construction Notes

Ferdinand von Aegir is a character that both of us absolutely adored the moment we saw him announce himself like a Pokémon at the beginning of each battle. When we saw his outfit post-timeskip, we knew that we had to make his costume ASAP.

Since Ferdinand is a fancy boy, we decided that he needed to have lots of fancy embroidery to match. The textures in the game were disappointingly low resolution, so the Cichol-crest/Eagle wing motif from his belt was reflected in the design. For the lapels, a more simple rose-and-swirl design was added to the interior of the gold embellishment.

With the embroidery sized, the actual sewing could begin. The base jacket was purchased from a thrift store, disassembled and re-cut to better match the references. Blue contrast paneling was cut for the center and lapels, and a fold-over collar was drafted to finish it off. The embroidery on the lapels was done before they were sewn in, then a zipper was added to the center front and everything assembled.

The cloak was roughly drafted based on a scaled reference photo in Illustrator. The exterior was made from wool and the interior from silk, with the embroidery done prior to assembly. It attaches to the coat via the shoulder straps.

The vest was drafted on a mannequin using a combination of grid-tape drafting and draping. It features eagle-embossed buttons with braided cord closures.

The cravat pin, coat pin and belt buckle were all 3D modeled and printed using the same scale as the reference photo. They were all coated in XTC-3D and then painted, finishing with a gloss varnish.

The cravat was made from a length of the silk used in the cape lining.

The shirt was re-used from Picnic Leo, as the aesthetic matched appropriately enough for Ferdinand and it would not