Series: Fire Emblem Fates
Variant: Troubador

Debuted: Katsucon 2019
Last Update: February 2019
Last Worn: Katsucon 2019

Made for Koyzumi Cosplay

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Forrest’s Sausage Curls

Construction Notes

Forrest was a costume of many firsts! It was the first big wig project I’d tackled, the first corset I’d drafted and made and my first time making a costume for someone half a world away with only a duct tape mannequin to fit on!

The corset was drafted directly on the mannequin by drawing the pattern onto making tape, then transferring it to the facing material and adding a seam allowance. The corset is made from pink faux satin on both the fashion and lining layer with coutil sandwiched in between. It features steal spring boning and leather trim at the top for structure.

The shirt was drafted from a light, white linen fabric and features a lot of stitched detailing and trim. The button placard has two rows of piping split by a row of pearl trim and the sleeves have tucks to add the ‘lines’ to the design.

The wig construction was detailed in the post Forrest’s Sausage Curls. Basically, we ratted up some hair ‘sausages’ and carefully wrapped the wig hair around them to create the big curls.

The hat was a simple beret pattern made with a circle and gently sloped band that was then sewn between two layers of leather that acted as the brim. The resin gem was glued on and then tacked down with an additional ring of leather.

The leather hip armor was drafted on the mannequin, then tranferred to leather. It relies on slots and belts to hold together with no additional hardware being used to keep it in place. The rings were 3D modeled and printed to match the size and shape required.

The cape was made by cutting a rectangle of cloth and then using box pleats to cinch the top to match the ref. The bottom pleats were then stretched apart and tacked down to match the ref. A box pleat ruffle was added to the bottom and a simple collar was added to the top.

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