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Back in 2013, Glitz found out that Jay had never seen Ouran Highschool Host Club and quickly sought to remedy that situation. Jay fell in love with the series and, having recently done a lot of intense cosplays, wanted to do something simpler that would require far less work. Ouran cosplays were scheduled for Katsucon 2014 and murmurings of forming a group started.

In the beginning, there were many people who offered to join but none that would follow through except Mithryanna (Haruhi) and Type09 (Mori). In early 2014, Jay made a post to the Katsucon forum on asking if anyone wanted to join the group. Koyzumi answered and offered to join as Honey-senpai. With a partial group confirmed, more elaborate plans were concocted and blazers were ordered from Blazer Depot.

Unfortunately, the smallest size of blazer was still too big for Mithryanna, so Jay had to take it apart and tailor it down considerably. It was the first time he’d done such an intense cut-down, but it turned out great!

Mithryanna bought a simple, square camping table that broke down into a few small pieces and sawed off the legs to make it the proper height for a kotatsu. She also made a pad for it to sit on and a cover to drape over it. She purchased a powder-blue tea set for host use and a mess of different teas for our guests. Without her, the host club would’ve never gotten off the ground!

The first ever Valentine’s Day host event commenced at Katsucon 2014! We didn’t anticipate such a huge amount of people to stop, hang out, chat and get hosted, but we were more than happy to oblige and quickly made plans to do so again the following year!

At Katsucon, we met Cap’n Pantalones as Haruhi who quickly signed on to be one of our Kaoru. Mithryanna swapped out to become our Hikaru and we made plans to host a panel at Tanoshiicon 2014. We got another blazer for Koyzumi but unfortunately she was even smaller than Mithryanna, so even more tailoring had to be done.

Tanoshiicon was a mixed success. Glitz was too sick to attend, but the rest of the hosts ran an overflowing panel on Saturday. Though attendance was great, the panel only ran for 30 minutes, barely leaving enough time to serve everyone tea, much less to socialize and host. We took some photos and decided that we wouldn’t do another formal panel again, instead planning for more casual Katsucon hosting in the future.

Katsucon 2015 saw Mithryanna swap out of Hikaru and Hot Mike join us instead. This time around we offered a full hosting experience on Valentine’s Day, complete with sweets and tea for any guests that wished to join. We had a blast! We even picked up a Haruhi at the con that stayed with us for most of the event to help host!

Following Katsucon, we added another member to our group in the form of MadHatterTeacups’ Kasanoda! We returned again to Tanoshiicon where we did not host, merely hung out and enjoyed the con. Unfortunately, our experience wasn’t as good as it had been the year before, and we made the decision not to return.

The following Katsucon in 2016, we arrived with a full host group, Mithryanna returning to her place as Hikaru and Hot Mike moving into position as Haruhi. This year, our hosts made sweets to give out to our guests! Mori made oreo truffles, Kyouya made chocolate-dipped marshmallows and Honey made jolly rancher roses!

Katsucon 2017 saw the addition of SkeleVee as our pre-vase Haruhi and host-in-training!

Katsucon 2018 was the first year since the original event that we didn’t have our twins. While Mike was available for the con, both Mithryanna and Cap’n were unable to join us. We still had a good time and had plenty of fun with guests and roving hosts!

Katsucon 2019 wasn’t the easiest for our host club. Koyzumi flew in all the way from Hawaii to join us but Cap’n canceled at the last minute. We didn’t have a fitting blazer for SkeleVee to sub in as Kaoru and it was wig-disaster all thanks to Jay, who left the bag of Ouran wigs in the middle of the living room floor! Fortunately, we figured out a bunch of last-minute solutions. Kasanoda’s jacket was carefully pinned to better fit SkeleVee for Kaoru and the other costumes that GlitzParty brought to the con featured conspicuously twin-like blond wigs and a fluffy black wig that would fit for Kyouya, so the show could go on, albeit a little different than usual. We served so much tea, we ran out of teacups this year! It was a fantastic time and we’re looking forward to hosting everyone again in 2020!

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