Let’s Talk About Vulpes Inculta’s Hood

This post originally appeared on the GlitzParty Cosplay tumblr in 2012. It has been preserved for posterity to aid other cosplayers here!

Anonymous asked: OMG where did you get that awesome Vulpes hat

i made it, actually!

i’ve had this question come up a few times lately so i guess i should address it.  lately being at the con, mostly.  if you heard from a young lady wearing it that she bought it in the dealer’s room, you probably also believe she works for NASA, so disregard the rest of this post and go about your business.

firstly, i am not the vulpes inculta cosplayer.  i am the arcade gannon cosplayer.  glitzkrieg is the vulpes.

secondly, the hood was made from scratch from an actual coyote pelt.  we bought it pre-tanned and sliced it up for hood-making.


the skin lays out flat without something inside it, so i did the fursuit-esque thing and made a mesh insert in the rough shape of the head.  it also had a half-crown loop that helps it stay on the head, since it’s very top-heavy.


i then covered the mesh in some craft foam to give it a cushier, softer feel.  once it laid the way i wanted, i stitched it onto the head and made sure it fit the way i wanted it to on c.  this took a little trial and error as both muffin and myself have large heads and c’s head is the narrowest thing i’ve ever see in my life.


from there, i took cut the bottom off where i wanted it and used the remainder to make the sides and the cowl in the front.  again, trial and error.  it was hard because we were trying to match back and belly fur to the fur by its head and neck, and unlike faux fur, actual animals don’t tend to match in colour, length or texture.  i did my best though, and overall, we’re pretty happy with the result.


and now, you know!

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